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of fucking course i get a mosquito bite in mid april right after it snows of fucking course that’s a thing that happens to me

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We’re we.

Here fuck.

We’re shit.

Queer up.

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Finish this s

oulja boy off in this hoe Watch me crank it Watch me roll Watch me crank that soulja boy Then super man that hoe Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy) Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy) Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy) Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy)

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nothing like panicking about missing a deadline, sending several panicked e-mails in bad french, then realizing that in fact you read the dates wrong and you didn’t miss anything and sending more, less panicked e-mails still in bad french within 15 minutes of each other

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By annavshelton

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"However, the administration is significantly more conservative than the student body and recent alumni. For example, in April 2011, the Director of Admissions refused to let Jake, a Smith student and trans man, host an admitted student overnight at Smith Open Campus. Although Jake proposed that he contact the student ahead of time to make sure she was comfortable staying with him, the administration would not consider his solution. Jake explained that the administration’s decision seemed to be more concerned with how Smith appears to outsiders than with the experiences of enrolled students: “It was insinuated that the real reason I was ‘inappropriate’ was not about a male and a female sharing a room. It was about maintaining Smith’s pristine image as a pearls and sweater sets kind of place…If I were to host the daughter of an alumnae [sic] or a donor, admissions was concerned about potential backlash.” The administration announced a permanent policy barring male-identified students from hosting overnights the following November, and although there was much resistance to this change from the student body, the policy was never successfully challenged." - from Broad Recognition, Yale’s feminist magazine (via the-unabombest)
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this could be us but u playin

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swaggity psy do not cry

oppa gangnam smile

im 100% sure i was fucking high when i wrote this

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Valentino FW/13

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wormm_guy: i cant believe all these worms

hotbabe54: hey

hotbabe54: wanna chat or send pics

wormm_guy: hold on

wormm_guy: Im checking out some worms

wormm_guy: Theyre insane

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