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McWay Falls, California | Travel

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@fralusans-ana-marein said:

bonne chance — tu triompheras!

merci!!  j’espere que c’est vrai haha :)

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Powerful Argument by Александр Сафонов

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego
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Provincetown, Massachusetts

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literally what the fuck is pitbull even talking about

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Had the pleasure of meeting my biggest (and littlest) fan - 3yr old, Parnell aka The Pebble. At first he was very shy… then he went full on Silverback! Great meeting you little man. Be a good boy, work hard and listen to your mama and daddy. And trust, Uncle Rock.. ladies love muscles, but love brains more so study hard.

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ferpykins: What's your favorite thing someone else drew?



definitely this

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